Lent 2021

Talks and Bible readings in John’s Gospel, chapters 2-12.


Towards the end of his gospel, John states clearly the reason why he has written it:

Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name” (John 20:30-31).


Rather than telling the story of Jesus, John wanted people to know the personal relevance of that story for themselves. He selects some of the many miracles which Jesus did and uses them as the framework for his message. The miracles, he says, are signs of the life which Jesus gives to everyone who believes in him.

That’s the message in the first part of John (chapters 2-12). Each section is introduced by a sign which is then followed by narrative that draws out its meaning and relevance for Christian believers. The weekly talks and daily readings throughout Lent will take us through these life-giving chapters, following the schedule below.


A short recorded talk will be posted at the start of each week.

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Each section of John 2-12 is split into six daily readings, along with a short daily comment. 

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John 1 is the introduction to all that follows. For readings and blogs that include John 1, start on Friday 12th Feb.

Daily readings: John 1:1-18/ 1:19-34/ 1:35-51

Mon 15th Feb. – Sat 20th Feb.      The First Sign (John 2:1 – 4:42)

‘The New Religion of Jesus’   Talk by Rev. Adam Reed  

Daily readings: John 2:1-11/ 2:12-25/ 3:1-21/ 3:22-36/ 4:1-24/ 4:25-42


Mon 22nd Feb. – Sat 27th Feb.      The Second & Third Signs (John 4:43 – 5:47)

‘Jesus, the Son of God who gives Life’   Talk by Rev. Ian Guy

Daily readings: John 4:43-54/ 5:1-9a/ 5:9b-18/ 5:19-27/ 5:28-38/ 5:39-47

Mon 1st Mar. – Sat 6th Mar.         The Fourth & Fifth Signs (John 6:1-71)

‘Jesus, the Bread of Life’   Talk by Rev. David Lester

Daily readings: John 6:1-15/ 6:16-24/ 6:25-40/ 6:41-51/ 6:52-59/ 6:60-71


Mon 8th Mar. – Sat 13th Mar.       The Sign of the Feast of Tabernacles (John 7:1 – 8:58)

‘Jesus, the Water and the Light of Life’   Talk by Rev. Geoff Bland

Daily readings: John 7:1-24/ 7:25-38/ 7:39 - 8:11/ 8:12-30/ 8:31-47/ 8:48-59


Mon 15th Mar. – Sat 20th Mar.    The Sixth Sign (John 9:1 – 10:42)

‘Jesus, the Light and the Shepherd of Mankind’   Talk by Rev. Julie Martin

Daily readings: John 9:1-12/ 9:13-34/ 9:35-41/ 10:1-10/ 10:11-21/ 10:22-42


Mon 22nd Mar. – Sat 27th Mar.    The Seventh Sign (John 11:1 – 12:50)

‘Jesus, the One who gives Life through his Death’   Talk by Rev. Matt Holland

Daily readings: John 11:1-16/ 11:17-37/ 11:38-57/ 12:1-19/ 12:20-36/ 12:37-50

Daily readings and blogs in John continue through Holy Week and Easter Week:

Holy Week (Monday – Holy Saturday)

John 18:1-11/ 18:12-27/ 18:28-40/ 19:1-15/ 19:16-30/ 19:31-42


Easter Week (Easter Sunday – Wed: 7th April)

John 20:1-18/ 20:19-31/ 21:1-14/ 21:15-25

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